How to Deal with FOMO

As a small child, I remember being unafraid and embraced authenticity in every aspect of my life. There wasn't a huge fear of judgement, rejection, or embarrassment. If I wanted to do something, I did it. It was that simple. I used to dress up and pretend to be the lead singer in a band while my brother played the drums in the background. No one could tell me anything as I belted out notes to songs I came up with in my head. It wasn't about being the best or looking the best, I was simply having fun. Children have a sense of freedom and vulnerability we tend to lose in our teenage years and throughout adulthood. Many start to live life with the notion that dreams are a thing of the past and may even experience FOMO.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is something we've all felt too many times to count. With distractions from social media and others forms of technology, FOMO is becoming more common. Opportunities and chances come and go then the overwhelming feeling of regret sinks in. The spark that once was ignited feels as though it's burning out. But what if that all changed?

Thankfully for you and me, it's never too late. So how do we begin squashing FOMO? Surrounding yourself with a support system that believes in you is a great start. Find people that share similar passions and dreams and are actively working towards them. Coordinate your schedules and have weekly or monthly dinner meetings to discuss your progress.

Another great way to end FOMO is by GOMO (going out out more)! Traveling, whether it's to an undiscovered city nearby, or somewhere out of the state will broaden your horizons and way of thinking. Gather up your closest friends and plan for an adventure. Experience is life's greatest teacher and it will boost your confidence towards reaching your personal goals. I don't know about you, but I would rather save up and spend money on a trip that will leave me with a lifetime of memories than on material things that deteriorate overtime.

Trips, shows and attending events don't have to be super expensive. One of my biggest goals is to expand my brand and attending seminars and conferences are a great way to do so. Collaborating and networking are key! I've been browsing on Eventbrite and was amazed at how many opportunities are in my area.  Not only are they convenient to go to but the price is right and for a young adult that means a lot! There's even an option to create your own event using their event planning software. You would be surprised to find out what opportunities are right where you live. Every single day is a chance to make a change. Don't let fear control your life. Get up, get out and see all that life has to offer!

Have a wonderful day!

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