Behind the Blog Featuring Monika

After a week long hiatus I'm happy to be back and sharing an interview with another amazing and creative blogger!  Monika is the author behind Violet Roots and is an artist living in NYC. I have a 
deep appreciation for art and music due to my family so I really enjoyed reading about Monika's blog and her journey. Check out her interview below!

1. Can you tell the readers about yourself and your blog?

Hi my name is Monika and I’m the artist and blogger behind I live in the NYC area with my other half, I’m an avid concertgoer and I have a penchant for all things purple. My blog, Violet Roots, is a lifestyle blog with a focus on music, style and creativity.

2. How did you first get into blogging?

I’ve always read and followed along with blogs. I wanted to start a blog for years but didn’t get around to it until February of last year.

3. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

I think it’s a constant struggle. Some weeks I’m ahead of the game and I have several scheduled posts, my social media is all planned out and I’m free to focus on other blog related projects. Then there are other weeks where I end up doing everything last minute. 

I’ve become really good at scheduling certain social media channels and I have a good handle on my editorial calendar and outreach for my blog. Whenever I can have things planned out ahead of time things run a lot smoother.

4. What are you hoping to improve with your blog this year?

This year, I would like to develop systems to make daily tasks easier and take less time. I would also like to improve my art section of the blog and expand my abstract art shop and commissions pages.

5. In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception about blogging? 

I think the biggest misconception is that it’s simple and overly self-involved. Blogging is a lot of things but it’s definitely not easy. So much goes into it and although some bloggers may be superficial it is far from the norm.

6. Where would you like to see your blog 5 years from now? 

I would like to see my blog become a destination for those who want to live fulfilling creative lives. I would also like to be able to go full time with my blog and my art shop. It’d be a great bonus if I were able to also regularly meet and connect with like-minded creatives in real life. 

7. What has been your biggest accomplishment and failure as a blogger? 

Hmm . . . I’m not sure if this is my greatest accomplishment but I was able to attend events during NYFW that were pretty amazing. My biggest failure would probably be not pitching myself enough or not purchasing a professional design sooner. 

8. Lastly, what is your biggest piece of advice for anyone starting a blog?

My biggest advice is to just have fun and always experiment. Violet Roots today is very different from the blog I started off with. All the changes to my blog have resulted from trying new things and discovering what works best for my audience and my interests. It hasn’t always gone over smoothly but I’m happy with the way things are developing and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Please be sure to go to her blog and check out her other links! There's something there for everyone whether you're an artist, new blogger or a fashionista! 


  1. Thanks again for this feature! I'll make sure to share it with everyone!


    1. Anytime! Thank you so much for being apart of this series!