I am an Introvert

All my life I've been the nice friend who barely talks or is constantly misunderstood as stuck up, mean or shy. I just want to clarify, shy is not a synonym for introvert. I take things in by observing and would rather spend hours with one or two other people than in a crowded room with strangers. Extraverts gain energy when they're socializing while introverts expend energy. So after a long day you can find me locked away in my apartment doing things that make my happy in solitude. It's nothing personal, I simply need to "recharge". 

I actually have a lot to say, I just can't always verbalize it. This is more of a personal trait, but I'm better at putting thoughts down on paper.  I also tend to overthink what I'm going to say and then it's too late. I love exploring new places, I don't mind going out late at night or working in groups. I do work better alone because I am a bit of a perfectionist and have high standards. I may be cautious to go out at first, but that's only because I protect my energy and want to be in a good environment

I like who I am and I know there are areas that I can improve, but none of them are caused by the fact that I'm introverted. When I hear people converse about introverts it's usually in a negative manner. Unfortunately society has a lot to do with this. Being an introvert isn't bad, it's just different. The fact is introverts and extroverts are capable of doing the same exact things. Some of our most prevalent people in society are introverts.

I am constantly concocting new ideas and wanting to dive into a project! My latest project is learning how to draw and paint on Photoshop. I could spend hours watching tutorials and looking at portfolios on Behance. I love taking pictures, editing homemade films and designing. I have so many dreams and career aspirations that there should be two of me!

I guess my point of sharing this is, everyone is complex. No one can reasonably assume anything if they haven't taken the time to know you. Had I jumped to conclusions about some of my friends beforehand, we probably wouldn't be friends. Yes, introverts may be hard to understand but I promise we are worth it!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I too, am an introvert. It can be difficult for people to understand what it takes for an introvert to recharge, and what our 'standoffish' stance actually means. Befriending an introvert can be a challenge if you are the polar opposite, but it is definitely worth it!

  2. Beautiful words. They resonated with me.

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  4. I have the great combination of being introverted and having a resting bitch face so people peg me as being standoffish when really, I'm just shy and take a little while to be comfortable speaking up around others.

    It's good to find others like me who readily embrace what others might perceive as a flaw :)

    You're a great writer; keep up the great work!

    - Chelsea