Pretty Bullet Journal Layouts You Need To See

I've never been that good at keeping a journal, no matter how hard I tried. The amount of money I've spent on journals just for them to end up with the same blank pages is crazy. The process goes like this. I go into Target, get drawn into the design and end up walking out with a journal (and a few other things) I didn't need. I swear, going into Target with a list in hopes of not buying other things is a joke! Once I discovered bullet journaling I thought this would be perfect because I enjoy conveying my thoughts in images rather than words.

There's an entire community for people people interested in bullet journaling. If you search on pretty much any social network, you'll find endless content with beautiful spreads and layout ideas. YouTube is probably my favorite place to get inspiration. So many creators have made beautiful and thorough tutorials to help with the creative process.

The possibilities with bullet journaling are truly endless and it's the perfect excuse to stock up on the cutest stationary, washi tape and writing utensils. My favorite thing to incorporate in my journal would have be tickets, glitter stars and pockets! If you have a bullet journal, what is your creative process like?

credit: yellowtonin

credit: solacerose

credit: kaylareads

credit: studypetals

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I am seriously neglecting my bullet journal and these have definitely inspired me!