How I Get Over 1 Million Views On Pinterest Consistently

Update: As of October 2018 I am receiving over 4 million monthly views on Pinterest

I'm sure by now you've heard how amazing Pinterest is to promote your products or blog posts and wondered if the hype is true. I made my account last year and gradually I've learned what works for me and reach over 1 million viewers each month. Check out my tips below to boost your views on Pinterest!

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1. Join Group Boards: Everyone that's trying to get their content to a wider audience should absolutely join multiple, niche-related group boards. I'm currently in 30 and still looking to join more. This increases the chance of your content getting repined from people with a similar audience. Make sure to follow the board owners' rules or you could get removed and show support by repining others. Lastly, space out the time between sharing each pins so you don't spam the board .To find boards to join, check out this website. You can find my group board here if you're interested!  

2. Join Tailwind Tribes: I use Tailwind to schedule some posts, but I mainly use it for the tailwind tribes feature. It's similar to group boards, but you can see who repins your content and how many pins you've shared and pinned to the tribe. This holds everyone accountable to the rules set by the owner. An example would be two repins for each pin you share. Since the group owner can see if you're actually sharing, there a better chance your pin could be shared! The best part is tailwind tribes has a free version available to everyone!

If you are interested in trying Tailwind, you can schedule your first 100 pins for free. Try it here and receive a free month of Tailwind Plus!

3. Pin Everyday: If you can, pin all day everyday! Okay, well maybe not all throughout the day. The amount you pin is going to take some experimentation. I currently schedule around 50 pins a day, but when I started I pinned a lot more. I know a lot of reports say to pin only 5 times a day, but if you're apart of multiple group boards that number will be higher. I recommend at least 30 pins each day and adjust as you go. Like I mentioned before, I use tailwind and it works great and saves me a lot of time. You can see what times are optimal (this tends to be the evening) and there's an extension to make scheduling images from other websites simple. I try to pin within a 60/40 ratio with the majority being other peoples content.

Sign up for Tailwind here and receive a free month of Tailwind Plus!

4. Optimize Boards and Pins: Make sure your custom pins are the correct dimensions. Most people use Pinterest on their phones and could easily miss yours if it's too small. I use 735 x 1300, but you can adjust the height for a longer pin. Make sure the text is large and dark with little decorative or cursive fonts so it's easy to read. Even though adding a description may be tedious, it's necessary. Search for hashtags that are relevant and popular to add to your description. I use around 3-5 hashtags if possible. When naming your boards, keep it simple. Avoid using spaces between each letter even though it may look cool and avoid using fancy titles. Keep it simple and something people would search for. If you have a board with quotes, name it "Inspiring Quotes" or something similar. Remember you want people to be able to find you. In the description add keywords and phrases that are relevant to the board to further optimize it. 

I hope you found this helpful and feel free to ask any questions below! 

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  1. I like this! I wish there was more content or elaboration on your tips or what you do with those views, but I still like the content! I've always seen the 4:1 ratio for pinning but never 60/40! I might try that out.