Free Wallpaper: I Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly To Be Fearful Of The Night

So for a minute I'm going to tap into my inner child so bear with me. When I was younger I loved looking up at the sky and seeing the stars scattered across the darkness. It was easily one of my favorite things about summer time. The nights are warm so you can actually enjoy the beauty of nighttime. I was also the child that liked to catch fireflies, to no one's surprise.

For a moment, I would stop what I was doing and gaze at the sky in admiration and wonder. I would imagine what was happening with each star, how they were formed and what their names are. To adore something that happens to only be seen at the darkest hour is ironic, considering I was afraid of everything as a child. The darkness simply wasn't enough to cause me to rush inside.

This cute wallpaper is a simple reminder of the little things that I loved as a child and I wanted to share a piece of simpler times with you!

PS: Im going to try and make free wallpaper everyday for 100 days.....pray for me



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