The Ultimate Summer 2018 Bucket List

Summer is quickly approaching and that means making plans to make it the best one yet! There's so much to do in a short time, but we've got you covered! This list is especially helpful if you don't have a lot of traveling plans. Get your pen and journal ready to write down your list and check them off as you complete them. See how many you've checked at the end of the season and remember to take a lot of pictures!

1. Go to the county fair

2. Build a Bonfire and make s'mores 

3. Run through sprinklers

4. Catch fireflies

5. Go on a road trip

6. Go to the water park

7. Have a cookout

8. Take a nap in a hammock

9. Go to a strawberry farm

10. Pick fresh flowers

11. Go on a picnic

12. Build a sandcastle

13. Watch the sunrise

14. Have a balloon fight 

15. Go camping

16. Visit the farmers market

17. Volunteer in the community

18. Visit a museum

19. Go on a train ride 

20. Send someone a letter

1 comment

  1. Just reading the list I am filled with joy and lovely relaxing summer days! I am definitely planning on eating strawberries all the time, going for a picnic, drinking Pimm's, having great time with friends in a beer garden, going swimming and maybe staying until late just enjoying the warm weather :)