Study Tracker Ideas For Your College Bullet Journal

When I think back to my days in college, I cringe at the memory of late-night studying, cramming for tests and typing papers. I wish I knew about bullet journaling in depth back then because it would've saved me so much time and energy.  Keeping a log of how long you're studying will give you an idea of subjects that need more or less attention and your grades should reflect adjustments you make.

Math was always a tough subject for me so this is where I would need to study longer. At the end of the week, I recommend getting an average of the amount of time you're spending each day for each subject and assignment. This will help you prepare and set time aside for upcoming tests, projects and assignments.

Try to keep a separate journal for each area of your life that needs extra attention. For example, I have a journal for blogging and one for my job. This way, everything is organized in the same place and I don't have to flip through pages looking for a specific subject. Make a table of contents page if you want to be extra organized!

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