5 Tips For A Successful Thrift Shopping Experience

woman searching through a clothing rack

Last week I went on a thrift shopping trip to see if I could score any good pieces and I was in luck! Don't worry, I'm putting together a post now to show you all the pretty things I found. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few tips for all of you new thrift shoppers. It can be an intimidating experience if you don't know where to begin. These tips will help prepare you to have an amazing thrift shopping experience!

Shop in different neighborhoods
Expand your horizons and venture to different neighborhoods throughout your city. You may find that a particular style is popular at one thrift store and a different style is common at another. This will give you variety to pick and choose from. Search for thrift stores on the internet in your city and create a shopping adventure with a few friends. You could even document the trip in a journal or you know...a blog post! If you find a store you particularly like, put a star next to it so you don't forget!

Visit throughout the week
If you don't know when your thrift store restocks, it's best to check at least twice before the weekend. Most people go on Saturday and that means a lot of items have been picked over. Get there earlier so you have more to choose from! You can always ask customer service for the days they typically restock so you can plan your thrift shopping trips ahead of time. First come, first served!

Set aside plenty of time to shop

Dress comfortably and take your time when thrift shopping. I like to wear sweatpants and a loose sweatshirt to make trying on clothes less of a hassle. Think of this experience as a treasure hunt. You want to find gold, so that means spending at least 45 minutes hunting through racks of clothes.

Inspect each item

At most thrift stores, once you make a purchase you can't return it so you have to thoroughly inspect each item before adding it to your basket. During my last thrift shopping trip, I found this stunning white blouse and noticed a small red stain. Needless to say, I didn't buy it and I'm so happy I noticed right away before wasting my money!

Don't give up!!! 
Not every thrift shopping experience will lead to huge purchases or amazing finds and that's ok! Don't give up and keep an open mind. If you really love something, but it doesn't fit perfectly, consider getting it tailored. The joy of thrift shopping is that you can make each item your own without spending a lot of money! Keep going because you never know when you'll strike gold!

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