Bullet Journal Ideas : A Peek Inside My Journal Part 2

table with two notebooks and a stapler and a coffee mug and a pair of glasses

I'm back with another post showcasing some new (and old) entries in my bullet journal. I've been so inspired by the vast amount of bullet journal accounts on Instagram that I decided to create my own! I'll sprinkle in a few lifestyle posts as well, but this space is mainly to share my bullet journal journey with you all. If you're interested in seeing more, follow me here and feel free to send a message!

I've been paying extra special attention to my mental health since January has been...eventful to say the least. The polar vortex lasted for a few days, but it felt like weeks and took a toll on my car battery. On the bright side, I was safe at home and it was probably time to replace the battery anyway. To keep track of my mood, I worked on a floral mood tracker that I recreated from an image I saw on Pinterest (shoutout to whoever came up with this pretty idea). Sometimes feelings are hard to articulate, but this makes it so much easier and it's relaxing to draw.

Brain dumps are also going to become a regular entry in my bullet journal. If you're unfamiliar,  a brain dump is simply dumping everything that is in your brain onto paper. By getting all your thoughts down where you can see them, everything can be put into perspective. On this particular day, I needed to write down tasks that I need to prioritize because I can easily be distracted by things that aren't important. I like to get creative and draw sticky notes, charts, and graphs to dress up my brain dump entries. Do what feels right to you!

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