Disney Journal Layouts and Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! The first week of March is going by so fast, and I hope everyone has been enjoying the beginning of this month. March is one of my favorites seasons because the weather starts to warm up, clocks go forward which means more sunshine, and it's the month I was born! The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to hit reset, especially if you've stumbled a bit with your new year's intentions. 

One of my intentions for the year is to be consistent with my journaling, and I realized I like drawing more than writing. I've always been a visual learner, so for me, this works. In school, I always preferred being shown how to do something rather than being told what to do. With this in mind, I've been adding some trackers to show my progress each month. Instead of writing down how tasks or how  I'm feeling, I've been using trackers. I've found that this is the beauty of journaling. You get to decide what works for you! 

One of my dreams is to work for Disney as a content creator, and this inspired me to create some Disney themed journal layouts. Naturally, I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and recreated two entries. I wish I could find the original artists, so if you happen to know, please tell me to give them proper credit! Disney movies have been such a big part of my childhood and shaped some of my fondest memories. Mulan was a staple in our house and was routinely watched during the weekends. We knew every word and song!

As the weekend approaches, I want to share some of my favorites for you to check out while relaxing! Comment below if you have any suggestions for me or share some of these favorites! 

Netflix Shows

Gilmore Girls 

Black Mirror



journal with a mood tracker drawing based on the Disney movie Up

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