Must-See 90s Inspired Journal Entries

Lately, I've been missing the 90s and how carefree I was as a child. Looking back, it's amazing how we want to rush through our childhood to become an adult, only to miss being a child! Life is funny that way! I remember waking up early and watching Arthur before school and early Saturday mornings to watch Kids' WB with my brothers. We needed nothing more than a few tv shows and bowl of cereal to keep us content!

Before texting was a thing, my friends and I would write notes and give them to one another between classes folded into tiny triangles. If you asked me to do it now, I'm not sure I'd remember how! Every note and worksheet had that "S" written on it at least a few times. During inside recess, we would play Mancala and MASH to predict our future husbands, cars, and jobs. Speaking of predictions, how can we forget the paper fortune teller!

I can only imagine what blogging would've been like back then. First I'd have to wait for AOL dial-up to connect and then hope an important phone call isn't trying to come through.  I remember my grandma calling upset with me because she tried to call and couldn't get through! With this in mind, there are some things I don't miss!

Below, are a few 90s themed journal entries I made this week featuring some of my favorite cartoons and things we did back then. Comment below some of your favorite memories from the 90s, and we can reminisce together!

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