Creative Dorm Room Decor Ideas

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It's hard to believe, six years and two degrees later, my college days are finally over, and I can tell you the learning certainly doesn't stop there. One of my favorite memories from college was deciding how to decorate my dorm room during undergrad. 

I loved hopping on Pinterest to search for fun and easy dorm room decor ideas. Pinterest is my one stop shop for inspiration when creating the perfect dreamy space for studying or Netflix, whichever one comes first!

Fairy lights

Now, if you're a regular around here, fairy lights should not come as a surprise! I'm convinced they make any room look better, but especially a small room that barely fits the essentials. You can find multicolored, warm, blue, and pink fairy lights. The possibilities are endless! You can hang them above your window, and I love wrapping them around floor mirrors. 

Floating shelves

I didn't think of this back in my college days, but man I wish I would've. Conserving room in a tiny dorm is a must, and this is a great way to do that while decorating! There are damage free floating shelves, so no drilling is necessary. By the way, make sure to stock up on command strips. They're a lifesaver! Find some cute frames for photos of family and friends, and now you're dorm room has a touch of home! 



Fresh flowers truly bring so much life into a room. They'll boost your mood after a long day in class and clean the air. Fake flowers are awesome too, and you have the freedom to swap them out as you please. This is where those floating shelves come in handy. Display your flowers for everyone to enjoy! 

Mason Jars

Is it even a DIY if mason jars aren't involved? Items I never thought twice about are now a huge hit thanks to the creative community sharing their work online! Since candles aren't allowed in dorm rooms, grab some battery operated tea lights or fairy lights, and place them inside the jars to create a nice ambiance. If you're feeling extra creative, check out this tinted mason jar tutorial! 



I'm so happy polaroids are popular again! It's nice to have all my photos on my cellphone, but an instant copy in hand feels so much more special. Arrange your polaroids using photo clips, washi tape, or a wire wall grid.


Moon Phase Wall Hanging

This moon phase wall hanging is perfect if you're a boho chic kinda gal. You could hang this above your bed or above your polaroid wall art mentioned above. This piece can transition nicely to your first apartment as well.

Bean Bag Chair

Chances are you won't be spending all your time in the dorm room alone. If you have a roommate or friends over, bean bag chairs are super convenient for additional seating and they come in a variety of colors and styles. I remember having several bean bag chairs as a child and loved lounging in it to read or draw. When it's time to pack up for the summer, bean bag chairs are way easier to move out as compared to a futon.

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