I Deleted Instagram and this Happened

This past weekend I wanted to do something a little different from my usual routine. This decision sparked when I made a post and caption encouraging others to enjoy the weekend. Suddenly it occurred to me that if I'm always on Instagram, whether posting or scrolling, there's no way I'm enjoying MY weekend.

When I set the intention to stay off Instagram, I didn't know just how hard it would be. Five minutes later, I found myself opening the app for no reason at all. It was like an automatic response to boredom or something.  This called for more drastic measures, so I deleted the app off my phone.

Did you know 38% of users check Instagram multiple times a day

Afterward, I went for a walk at a nearby park to get some exercise in for the day. There was no recording my atmosphere for Instagram stories or popping on to like someone's photo. It was just me and nature and I loved it. Then I ran some errands and worked on a course I bought, but hadn't yet started. I sat outside and soaked up the sun, reorganized my room because the clutter was getting to me, and worked on some blog posts. I was more productive than normal and thought, "I could get used to this."

The next day was pretty similar except when I woke up, I didn't immediately reach for my phone, and begin aimlessly scrolling on Instagram. I took my Sunday morning back. One simple act of deleting Instagram was changing my world, and you know what else, I felt happier. I didn't expect this at all. I wasn't necessarily feeling bad when I deleted it, but I felt different. I was free and in control. I was living fully in the present.

Monday came, and I debated if I wanted to download Instagram again. Around noon I did, but I was hesitant. I didn't want to lose the feeling I had from the weekend. Can you believe all this contemplating was over an app! The point is, I learned how much time it was taking away from meaningful activities in my life. Each moment I decide to spend on my phone is time I can't get back.

All the time I spend on social media, is time I could be spending building my dreams. I could be pitching to brands I dream of working with, writing more content for my lovely readers, and networking with fellow bloggers. Doesn't this sound like a better use of my time?

From here on out, I'm committed to not letting Instagram or any social media app have that much power in my life, and I leave you with the same challenge. Take some time away from your favorite social media app and see what happens. Ask yourself if you feel happier and more alive, because I sure did!

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