Staying Hydrated and Healthy with Primo Water

I received this product in collaboration with the lovely people at Primo Water. All views expressed are 100% my own! 

About a month ago I wrote this  blog post trying a peanut butter bites recipe by Chef Savvy to reduce my late night snacking. I also mentioned that my physical health has been a priority, and I'm trying to make small changes that are sustainable long-term. Today, I'm back to share more on my health journey that will hopefully inspire you to make similar changes.

I'm sure you all know water is extremely vital to the health of our bodies. Approximately 60% of our bodies are made up of water and it's essential to keep us hydrated and functioning at our best. I won't throw out a hard and fast number on how much water you must drink since everybody is different, but eight glasses a day is a good place to start.

As I'm on this journey to becoming a healthier version of myself, I'm trying to be more mindful of the quality of water I drink. A few months ago we had a water boil advisory that put this into perspective. Every time I had to cook or wash dishes, I had to boil the water first. There were a few times I almost forgot because it's rarely an issue. I was reminded of how much water I use on a daily basis without really thinking about the quality.

Having access to clean, safe water shouldn't be out of reach or a chore for anyone. Developing healthier habits also shouldn't be at the expense of our environment. During that water boil advisory, We bought some plastic bottled water because it was quick and convenient to use. I can only imagine how many other households resorted to plastic bottled water and even though recycling is easy, unfortunately not everyone does it. 75% of plastic bottles that are purchased are unfortunately not recycled. 

In an effort to drink more water that is also safe for myself and my family, I switched to using a Primo water dispenser. I've had it for about a month and y'all, everyone in my house loves it! Your household is likely to increase their water intake by 25% when switching to a water dispenser, and that has held true for us! Now, whoever drinks the last amount of water is in charge of getting a refill!

We have the Primo bottom loading dispenser so there's no heavy lifting and setting it up probably took 5 minutes. I can refill the same 5 gallon bottle, so no more buying multiple packages of bottled water and it costs me less than 2 dollars to refill!  The best part is 1,100 plastic bottles are eliminated when using a recyclable 5 gallon bottle. The water tastes amazing and goes through a nine step purification process through reverse osmosis so I know it's safe and clean to drink.

I've been tracking my water consumption in my bullet journal to boost my water intake, and this chart doesn't even come close to the amount of water I'm drinking now. Staying hydrated is especially important in the summer since I'm outside a lot, and now I have no excuse. If you want to give your family the same peace of mind knowing their water is clean and safe to drink, definitely check out Primo Water and get 20% off any dispenser with free shipping using the code DRINKBIG20! 

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