Creative Ways to Design Your Instagram Stories

Lately I've been loving Instagram stories as a way to get to know my favorite content creators. I admittedly haven't used Instagram stories much except to repost content I love and connect with on a personal level. The more I experiment with this feature, the more I see how impactful it is with building a genuine following. For example, polls gives you additional data to see what types of content your followers want or don't want. You can create stories featuring sneak peeks of projects you're working or outfit of the days posts!  

While I see the benefits, sometimes Instagram stories looks a little bland, and I don't always want to leave the app to create something more aesthetically pleasing. Creating is a huge part of what I love to do, so I decided to experiment with some images I found on Unsplash, a source of free usable images from creators around the world. While there's only a few tools to use, I'm happy with what I made and it definitely beats a plain image. 

The only additional tools I used was a stylus that got from Amazon that doubles as a regular pen! I'm excited to take my Instagram stories to the next level and encourage all of you to go into the app and experiment with different designs! If you want to see more, follow me on Instagram and revisit the blog for more Instagram story ideas! 



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