Dorm Room Checklist For Girls

The countdown for going back to college is officially here and for some, it's their first time! I remember when I moved into my first dorm room, and I was beyond unprepared. After we arrived and dropped off my belongings, several store runs were made to pick up items I didn't have. Now, I'm sharing a list of items below for your college dorm room checklist to make the moving process easier! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!


Pillows / Cases, Mattress Cover, Sheets, Comforter/Blankets, Mattress Pad


Fairy Lights, Command Strips, Wall Art, Polaroids, Wall Decals, Mirror


Clorox Wipes, Trash Can, Broom / Mop, Trash Bags, Sponges, Bleach, All Purpose Cleaner,


Laptop, Tablet, Chargers, Earbuds, Ethernet Cord, Power Strip, Extension Cord, Batteries, Speakers


Shower Caddy, Flip Flops, Tooth Paste / Toothbrush, Tampons/Pads, Razor, Deodorant, Mouth Wash, Hair Ties, Cotton Balls, Hand Soap, Q - Tips, Floss, Nail Clippers, Body Wash, Shampoo / Conditioner, Medicine, Towels / Face Cloths, Toilet Paper, Plunger


Detergent, Laundry Basket, Hangers, Dryer Sheets

School Supplies

Calculator, Scissors, Stapler, Post-it Notes, Index Cards, Flash Drive, Notebooks, Binder, Backpack, Planner, Folders

Shared Items

Fan, Mini Fridge, TV (not necessary), Microwave, Area Rug, Snacks, Utensils, Coffee Maker, Tupperware

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