What You Can Put In Your Bullet Journal

If you've been bullet journaling for awhile, then I'm sure you're pretty familiar with weekly/monthly spreads, indexes and cover pages. These are staples of any bullet journal to stay organized and productive. This post is perfect if you want to make your bullet journal a bit more creative and personal while getting stuff done!

Water Tracker

Drink your water! It's that simple and if you want to make sure you're getting all 64 ounces (or whatever works for you) create a water tracker. They're fun to make and it's a great way to hold yourself accountable. 
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Mood Tracker

I love mood trackers because you can create fun illustrations to track something that's meaningful and reflect on it once the month is over. Flower doodles are my go-to. They're easy to draw and if you need additional ideas for doodles, check out Pinterest. If you want more ideas, try thinking of holidays or activities that happen during each month and season. For September, I made a mood tracker with apples with fall in mind (stay tuned for that)!   


Every month without fail I'm searching for new music to add to my playlist.  It's almost a challenge I create for myself to discover music that hasn't surfaced in pop culture. I love supporting artists with a smaller fan base because it feels like I found a treasure only few are aware of, and I get to be apart of their journey. 

Brain Dump

A good ole brain dump entry is just what I need to purge all my ideas onto paper. This can be as simple as a quote that pops into your head, a list, project drafts, or even blog post ideas that are in their beginning stages. I've had numerous moments when bits and pieces of lyrics pop in my head and need to write it down before it's gone. This is a great way to get moments like this and more down on paper to reference later. 

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