Creative Instagram Story Edits with A Design Kit

In an older post found here, I shared creative ways to design your Instagram stories and according to Google analytics, you all enjoyed it! So I'm back with a similar post, but we're trying out an app called A Design Kit.

This app includes brushes, fonts, stickers and shapes to bring your photos to life. For filters, check out A Color Story from the same creators at A Beautiful Mess


There are over 20 free fonts to choose from arranged by categories labeled simple, feature, and typewriter. There's a scale to increase or decrease the line and character spacing to customize text to your liking. This feature is something I often use in Photoshop, so having it on my phone when I'm creating on-the-go is convenient.


You can choose from markers, paintbrushes, and pencils to create an original design. I used the paintbrush to create wide strokes and the pencil for thinner strokes. My favorite way to use the brush tool is by drawing a swirl around a person then erasing sections where they overlap. It's such as simple yet intricate way to make your photos stand out. After you draw a design, resize it and change the color to your liking. There's a color picker to flawlessly match the colors in the photo. A Design Kit takes it a step further with glitter, marble, and gradient selections as well. 


There are several shapes to choose from including a circle, heart, star, chat bubble, and pentagon to name a few. Each shape has a filled and outline version which is perfect for overlapping. Given my website name, you already know the stars are my favorite. There's several arrow and line designs if you're looking to add a little more fun to your photos. 


I remember getting a new planner for each school year during welcome week and slathering it in colorful stickers. I looked forward to adding my personal touch every year, and oddly enough, it made me want to write in my planner. Those days are over, but thankfully stickers are no longer limited to decorating planners. 

Now we get to continue the fun with our photos. There's a wide variety of stickers to choose from, in addition to paid stickers to build your collection. The collage section has romantic flower scans to spruce up your photos. Below is a roundup of a few favorites I often use. 


I definitely recommend this app if you want to take your Instagram stories to the next level. There's additional stickers, backgrounds and shapes for a small price ranging from $0.99 to $2.99. Stay tuned for more reviews and maybe a tutorial in the future! 

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