Monthly Favorites for March 2020 and a Playlist

Finally, we've made it to April after a long and unprecedented March. How are you holding up? I shared a post on at-home activities to enjoy while social distancing, in case you're running out of ideas.  My goal is to bring inspirational and creative content for you to enjoy as we all adjust to a new way of living. 

Like many of you, I spent most of March indoors so this monthly favorites post will be a little different. 

My first "favorite" goes to healthcare workers, grocery store employees, and anyone else on the front line of this pandemic. Thank you for serving us and keeping us safe. You have always been and will always be essential. ❤️

Next up on the list are those of you sacrificing travel to stay home. I went out for a quick grocery store run and was amazed at the scarcity of traffic. The city felt deserted, and then I remembered, empty streets mean full homes. 

There are so many people helping their fellow neighbors beat this pandemic. Thank you for being apart of this fight. Finally, thank you to my fellow believers for continuously praying and maintaining your joy. The world especially needs our peacemakers and healers to demonstrate how to approach trials and uncertainty. 

Ok, now it's time for a product favorite! I've been loving the CeraVe Retinol Serum. It's lightweight and hasn't caused my skin any irritation. My acne scars are beginning to fade, and my skin looks brighter. Not to mention, you can't beat $17.99 for a product that works! I've paid nearly $100 for products that make similar claims, and the results are comparable.

If you're considering learning digital illustration, this tutorial series is for you! A few years ago, I bought a cheap tablet and began learning different tips and tricks from artists on YouTube. Mimi Chao creates the dreamiest illustrations and her lessons are easy to follow. 

Now it's time for a few music favorites. Some of these aren't new, but they've been on rotation the past month. Enjoy!

Tori Kelly - Coffee
Elevation Worship - Do it Again
Audrey Assad - Island (this is such a timely song)
Christy Nockels- Be Loved

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