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Art has been apart of my life as long as I can remember.

At twelve, I started making gifs using animation shop and shared them on a website called Iconator. In high school, art was my favorite subject, so much so, I took it twice in one semester. I've experimented in Photoshop to create digital illustrations and mobile wallpapers you've seen on my blog. 

Needless to say, creating is my passion, and with much of the world on lockdown, I'm rediscovering how much art means to me. I've taken to Instagram for much-needed inspiration and found incredibly talented artists you should know too. 

This beautiful fine art print titled, Relaxed by Lindsay Adams, is part of a summer series you can find here. From a young age, art has been her form of expression, and a serene outlet communicated through drawing and painting. She is passionate about art, education, and diversity and inclusion. Follow Lindsay as she spreads love through art and storytelling. 

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Sille Mugo is a corporate dropout turned thriving artist featured in HomeGoods. She's now helping other creatives turn their hobbies into a business using Instagram. Self-promotion has always made me cringe, but it's a necessary skill to be seen. The caption above is a glimpse of the advice Sillie offers to help creatives master Instagram marketing. Follow Sillie here for more wisdom! 


Anjelica Roselyn is an award-winning fashion illustrator from Washington, DC. You've probably seen Anjelica's stunning work while flipping through The New York Times or Harper's Bazaar UK and rightfully so. Every image is captivating and colorful, so naturally, a few glances won't suffice. Follow Anjelica here for more fashion illustrations. 


If you're looking for a simple way to spruce up a room, add flowers. Or even better, add a painting of a beautiful bouquet that lasts forever. This piece would be a beautiful addition to any home, but more importantly, it's apart of Shanina Dionna's wellness mini-series. This series shines a light on people, places, and things that have positively contributed to her wellness journey. Follow Shanina as she continues to be a light for mental health awareness. 

The gold and pink details on this elegant painting by Stacie Monday caught my eye, and I immediately hit the follow button. Stacie, a self-taught artist, began painting in 2014 to celebrate African American women and promote a much need positive narrative through her artwork. I highly recommend reading this blog post to learn more about her journey to becoming a full-time artist. I found myself cheering her on and relating to her experiences as I read each paragraph. Follow Stacie here as she tells stories through acrylic paintings. 

I hope this roundup brings you encouragement to follow your passion!

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