June Diary: Songs, Shops, and Self-Care

Today we are saying goodbye to June and hello to July.  Let's dive right into what I've been learning and loving. 


A few years ago, I visited the ER after experiencing body aches, chest pain, and headaches. This pain on top of anxiety from grad school was taking a toll on my life. To make matters worse, I googled my symptoms and went down a self-diagnosis rabbit hole. Please do not google your symptoms. Schedule a doctor's appointment to avoid the additional anxiety. After getting numerous tests and a CT scan, I was relieved to find out I was ok, but I never got an answer to my symptoms beyond "you're stressed." 

Well, this past month I had a similar experience minus the chest pain and stumbled across an article on magnesium. It's estimated that two-thirds of Americans have a magnesium deficiency, and as I went down the list of foods packed with magnesium, a light bulb went off. I don't like or consume most of these items daily. Symptoms of low magnesium include craving chocolate, numbness, tingling, abnormal heart rhythms, and muscle cramps. 

I'm pretty confident a lack of magnesium has contributed to so many of my symptoms so I started taking a supplement. I've already noticed an increase in energy, better sleep, and fewer headaches. I highly recommend checking out this website to learn more. 


Finding new music is one of my favorite hobbies. Alternative rock and indie pop are my go-to genres, and Jack Garratt's latest album doesn't disappoint. My favorite songs are Mara, Time, and Mend a Heart. Constellate by Fleurie isn't a new song, but I've had it on repeat for well over a month. If you love dreamy, ethereal vibes, add this song to your playlist. 


I'm on the hunt for a few skincare products, and BLK+ GRN is the perfect place to shop while supporting small businesses. It's an all-natural marketplace for black artisans chosen by black health experts. I have my eye on this spot treatment and cleanser to add natural products to my beauty cabinet.  

That's a wrap for June! Until next time, have a great week and thanks for reading!

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