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Minimizing your gifts, isn't humility, it's self-sabotage.

I wrote this down at the end of 2019, a year that forced me to acknowledge and grow in ways that felt uncomfortable. Most of my life I played it safe. I let others take the lead while I quietly followed along. I was the "nice" girl and over-extended myself while my needs weren't met. I genuinely thought I was doing the right thing. 

I thought self-promotion was synonymous to bragging and disagreeing with an opinion meant conflict. Growing up in a culture where it's better for children to be seen than heard was the launchpad of this thought process. A few weeks before my birthday, I was recommended this book and that's when my life began to shift. 

I started taking up space. 

I traded "maybe's" for a firm "yes" or "no" and accept compliments without undermining them. I stopped apologizing unnecessarily while maintaining empathy, and removed the word "just" from emails. These small changes make a huge difference. Advocating for myself, sharing ideas, and differing opinions became so much easier the more I practiced showing up in the room. 

I'm living a life that finally feels authentic. Is it perfect? No. Has it been easy? Definitely not. It hasn't been an adjustment for only me. The people in my life have noticed a difference. Adjusting to a person who usually goes along to get along, to a person with boundaries can be hard and that's understandable. Time has been the best teacher as we all learn and grow.

So, with all that being said (or typed rather), remember to take up space. Be intentional with your words and decisions, and the rest will fall into place.

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