15 Compliments That Have Nothing To Do With Physical Appearance

Everyone likes to hear a compliment on occasion, but which one sticks with you long after it was said? Was it the one about your physical appearance, or was it something more personal? I love it when someone notices the effort I put into my work or compliments my creativity. These are the things that matter to me. The next time you give a compliment, try something a bit more personal and watch their face light up. 

1. You're such a great listener

2. You are reliable

3. You always make make laugh

4. I'm proud of you

5. You inspire me

6. You're a great storyteller

7. I feel safe to be myself around you

8. You give the best advice

9.  You're a great friend

10. You have a nice voice

11. You have great taste in...

12. I always look forward to talking with you

13. You're so understanding

14. You're a natural at...

15. The world needs more of you

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