7 Habits For A Happier and Successful Morning

1. Make your Bed

It's tempting to toss your blankets to the side and leave them there after waking up, but consider this. According to Psychology Today, 71% of bed-makers consider themselves to be happy while 62% of non-bed makers say they're unhappy. Bed-makers tend to enjoy their job, exercise regularly, and get a good night's rest more often than non-bed-makers. Here's the takeaway. It's the first item checked off your to-do list and sets the tone for the day.  

2. Stretch

Some of us are wild sleepers. You lie down on your bed facing one direction and wake up somewhere else. Sleeping in awkward positions can take a toll on our bodies, especially our backs. If you work at a desk all day, you definitely want to stretch before going to work. Loosen up all that tension with a few back stretches to improve your posture and increase mobility. 

3. Have a Tall Glass of Water

I know our first instinct is to make a cup of coffee in the morning, but hear me out on this one. Your body needs to be replenished in the morning with a glass of water. This will get your digestive system moving and rehydrate the body to stay energized throughout the day. Add lemon for an extra boost of vitamin C. Once you've done this, you can have a cup of coffee!

4. Pray

I have a bad habit of looking at my phone first thing in the morning to scroll through emails. Before you know it, I'm already overwhelmed. This year I've been more intentional about the first thing I set my mind on. I spend time praying to God for guidance and expressing gratitude for another day. What is the first thing on your mind when you wake up, and how does that impact your morning? 

5. Go For A 15 Minute Walk

Often-times when we wake up, we're not fully awake. Our mood is a little dry, and we move slower than usual in the morning, especially if you're not getting enough sleep. According to Healthline, a quick walk can improve your mood, reduce stress, and improve mental clarity. Work your way up to five days a week, and soon enough, you'll notice a drastic improvement in how you feel. 

6. Write Down a List of Things to Do

Have you sat down at your desk, and an endless list of things to do comes to mind? Then you sit there for a few moments wondering where to begin? I have too. Now, I like to keep sticky notes nearby so I can jot down tasks in order of importance. Remember, there will always be a list of things to do. Sometimes everything on your list won't get checked off, and that's ok. Consider what needs to be done and go from there. 

7. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

You've heard it before, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs fuel to perform at its best. Whenever I skip breakfast, I start to feel sluggish in the early afternoon, and I have a harder time focusing on my work. Even if you're grabbing something light like a piece of fruit or a bagel, make sure to have something in the morning to energize your body. 

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