Five Things To Let Go Of For A Happier Life

The older I get, the more I've realized the only person holding me back was me. Self-awareness has been necessary for growth, and now I want to share five things I've left behind for a happier life. 

Downplaying Your Talents

I made a commitment to myself at the beginning of the year. No more minimizing my talents. For some reason, I thought I was being humble, but the reality is I was self-sabotaging potential opportunities. The people that get the position, opportunity, or role, aren't always the most qualified. They're simply willing to take a chance on themselves, and own their potential. Now I'm passing on the same advice to you. The world needs what you have, and the only way to be seen is to put yourself out there!  

Waiting For The Right Time

How many times have you put off a conversation or project because the timing wasn't right? Well, you're not alone. I believe in using wisdom with all decision-making, but sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind. The only time that's guaranteed is this moment. Don't be the person that looks back at their life with regret, and If this is you, every moment is a chance to begin again. No more waiting! 

People Pleasing

Please take off the people pleaser mask. Take it from me, I was the person that said yes to everything, and didn't assert my opinion to avoid conflict. I felt trapped in my own life and desperately wanted an escape. It took therapy and timely advice from friends for me to understand I created the problem. When I started to peel off the mask, my life started to shift. As I reclaimed ownership over my voice, the right people for me came along.  

Fear of Failure

Failure means you're trying. If you stop trying you're not failing, but you're also not growing. The best lessons I've learned in life have been from making mistakes. Think of your favorite athlete or entertainer. Before they became experts in their profession, they failed and failed some more. That's how you get better and become and expert in your field. 

The Arbitrary Checklist

Ok, hear me out on this one. It's ok to have goals. We should have goals, but there are certain things we can't control or predict. If you're not married by 25 with two kids and a house, it's ok. These arbitrary goals can end up being harmful and say very little about our worth. Life isn't a race. Go at your own pace!

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