Let's Wreck This Journal

We went from March to October but it feels like it should be June. On that note, happy fall y'all! How is your year going?

This year for me has meant starting a hobby then abandoning it for a shiny new one (heavy sigh). Today, I'm bringing you one of those hobbies that I've been considering for quite some time. For all my Tumblr people, I'm sure you've seen a page or two from the Wreck This Journal. The first time I spotted one I was intrigued and confused. 

I'm used to keeping a journal that's nice and neat like it's fresh out of a stationery shop. This journal calls for an experience that is anything but nice and neat. This journal is meant to be destroyed. You read that right, destroyed. This journal is meant for more than wrecking if you're committed to the process. The author describes it as release, safe haven, challenge, and a force of nature. 

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I need this book. I'm only a few prompts in and I definitely feel the angst to create something aesthetic. The prompts are odd, funny, and at times, downright disgusting. The prompt below is evidence of that. I cheated and stuck with stickers. As time progresses I hope to be completely immersed in the wrecking experience. 

Stay tuned for more..I hope!

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