Cute Instagram Story Stickers

Instagram Stories and I are well acquainted. I've written posts on creative Instagram story ideas and explored the ins and outs of every tool available within this feature. The text tool, brushes, and filters turn every user into an artist, all with the tap of a finger. If you're looking for more elements to add to your Story, definitely check out the stickers tab. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of stickers to explore made by creators that have chosen to graciously share their art.

I've compiled a group of the cutest (in my opinion) story stickers on the app to add some style to your next post. Leave a comment below with your favorite and if you have any sticker recommendations! 


picture showing instagram story stickers
search: ridhwanah 

picture showing cute instagram story stickers
search: melaniejohnsson

picture showing illustrated instagram story stickers
search: foopk

picture showing hand drawn instagram story stickers
search: alittlesomething

search: chxrry 

search: beckycas

search: kapebeans

search: lizaproch

search: martinamartian

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