How to Make Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Covers

The careful arrangement of songs into a single playlist can capture a particular vibe and the cover is the cherry on top. I'm pretty sure I have a playlist for every mood or vibe. Feeling happy? Got a playlist to groove too. Feeling a little down? Of course, I have a playlist to make matters worse. 😂 That might be a sign of a deeper issue, but I won't go there for now. Let's get back to playlist covers. 

How to Make Aesthetic Spotify Playlist Covers

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through a few easy steps to get your covers into tip top shape. You don't need any design skills (otherwise I wouldn't be making this) or fancy software. I like to keeps things as easy and accessible as possible. I'll also cover questions like, "what size are Spotify covers and where do you find the perfect images? Let's do this! 

Step One: Brainstorm Ideas

A quick Google search of "aesthetic playlist covers" will provide you with a ton of inspiration. I've seen playlists inspired by colors, popular tv show characters, and quotes. Below are a few ideas I found from Pinterest. 

Step Two: Open Canva and Upload a Background

Spotify playlist covers are 300 x 300 pixels with a 1:1 aspect ratio. Keep this is mind if you have large images with a lot of detail. I'm using Canva to make my playlist covers. It's free to use, intuitive, and equipped with tools to design aesthetic covers. 

Open Canva, click custom size in the top right corner, and type 300 for the width and height. The great thing about Canva is you can search for royalty-free pictures within the website. Start by clicking elements then photos on the left sidebar and enter a search term. Try typing in words like aesthetic, rainbow, clouds, and chill. If you're not finding what you want, I recommend visiting Unsplash. Pinterest is another great option, but check the original website to ensure the image is free for personal use. 

Step Three: Edit Covers

This is the moment to let your creativity shine. You can stick with something minimal or go all out with something bold and fun for your cover. The text tool quickly pulls up combinations and the graphics tab under elements show cool stickers and illustrations you can add to the background. Here are a few examples I made. 

Step Four: Upload to Spotify

The final step is to upload your covers to your Spotify playlists. You can do this on desktop or mobile and I'll cover both options. On desktop, click one of your playlist on the left side of the screen and hover over the image. Click the pencil icon then replace image and upload the cover.  If you're on mobile, tap your library and the three dots under a playlist. Tap edit and change image to upload the cover from your device. 

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